"Darryl improved my bike fit and helped eliminate the numbness in my hands and feet and soreness in my shoulders from long rides. I highly recommend him if you need to improve Your fit" Michael D.

Coach Darryl’s Experience

Coach Darryl has been doing bike fits since 2005 and as of July 8, 2024 has 987 clients. The countdown to 1,000 cyclists is in progress!
Appointments are usually available in a week or two. You can schedule your own appointment. 

Coach Darryl’s Studio

Coach Darryl's customized bike fit studio is designed to optimize the cyclist's position on the bicycle. All work is done on the cyclist's own bike to confirm the perfected position is possible on the bike the cyclist owns. 
Coach Darryl's studio has
  • 8 x 6 foot mirror to the side to display and discuss bike positioning
  • Apple MacBook Air to record all measurements on the cyclist's personalized 10+ page results document
  • 42” TV to display the Bike Fit document in progress on the computer so the cyclist can confirm progress and ask questions
  • iPad Pro to take pictures and videos of the process
  • Digital level and laser levels for precise measurements
  • Joe Cocker, my extremely friendly cocker spaniel, who will make sure the cyclist feels welcomed and at home. Talk with Coach Darryl about bringing your own dog if you wish!

Your Coach Bike Fit 
A coach's bike fitting is different from a bike store fitting​. A coach thinks cyclist not bike. Ask a bike fitter how to measure the saddle height. If the response is from the saddle down to the bottom bracket, that is thinking about the bike not the cyclist. A coach measures the saddle height from the saddle to the pedal, since the cyclist connects with the bike at those two locations.  The latter takes into consideration the crank length and pedal stack height.
A personalized professional bike fitting by a Coach is ideal to increase comfort and efficiency while reducing the possibility for a repetitive motion problem.
Early in the process the cyclist's preferred type of riding is confirmed, a coach does not set up a 20 year old racer's bike like a 50+ endurance rider's bike.
As a coach, concentration is on optimizing the current bicycle, bike parts and cleats to suit the circumstances of the type of cycling that is preferred by each cyclist. The concentration is not on the hardware of the bike and there is no motivation to make more money by selling the cyclist another bicycle, stem, handlebars, etc. 

It Is All About Cycling Comfort and Efficiency
Are you as comfortable on your bike as you would like?
A properly adjusted cyclist will pedal and climb faster!
Coach Darryl resolves about 80% of cyclist pain and numbness, and can help relieve discomfort for another 10%. 
Do you have: 
  •   Hand numbness?
  •   Neck or shoulder discomfort?
  •   Foot numbness, hot spots or pain?
  •   Discomfort in the saddle areas? 
  •   Knee pain?
  •   Pedaling style with the knees far from or in towards the bike?

Coach Darryl's Bike Fit is a 7 step process:
1​   Learn about you and the type of cycling that you like to do - Endurance and century riders often 50+ have different bike setup needs than racers typically in their 20’s, each should be positioned differently according to their riding habits. 

2   Identify all complaints, pain, discomfort, numbness and history of problems with 15+ areas of the body – This adds to Coach Darryl's To Do List of items to be addressed for resolution during your bike fit. 

3​   Measure and record the bicycle and cleat initial position – Confirm the starting point before changes. This also identifies areas of the bike and cleats that need changing.

4​   Adjust below the waist – Measure all first and then make adjustment in a specific order with extensive concentration on the four adjustments to the cyclist's saddle and another four for the cyclist's pedal cleats. Larger and smaller feet are typically not comfortable in the same position as mid sized feet, each of these foot sizes are are set up differently.

5​   Adjust above the waist – Per the cyclist's preferred cycling mode, optimize for comfort, long rides and performance.

6   Refine bicyclist posture on the bike – When a cyclist’s position is analyzed by a coach, the comfort and efficiency on the bike can usually be greatly improved by posture optimizations. This step is normally only addressed by a coach, and is often thought by many cyclist to be the biggest improvement during the bike fit, more than the adjustments to the bicycle.

7   Record the optimized position for both the bicycle and cleats – Allows Coach Darryl at any time in the future to re-establish this optimal position for the cyclist when changes are made to the shoes, cleats, saddle, handlebars, etc. 
Coach Darryl can reference all cyclist documents 24/7 and can make modifications even during a bike ride break.  
Throughout the Bike Fit process, each measurement and adjustment is discussed to educate the cyclist on the need for each change and what improvements should be noticed when the change is implemented. 
After the bike fit, the cyclist is provided with an 9+ page document as a permanent record to confirm all changes and improvements made. From this document, the cyclist's bike and cleats can be restored to the optimal position should a new part be needed or an intended or unintended change be made. 
Also, this optimal position can be repeated onto other bikes the cyclist owns usually in about 45 minutes.  

Pro Bike Fit for Only $219!
Coach Darryl's Pro Bike Fit takes 3 full hours and is only $219.
Schedule a Coach Darryl 
Appointment Now
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I can accept cash, check, all charge cards, and Apple Pay at your convenience.
Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available. Book your reservation below as well.

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Cyclist's Comments

"My bike ride yesterday went great, no discomfort and I felt like I was able to travel further and with less effort!"
Bryan H June 2024

"After a few weeks of riding, I'm happy to report that my bike has never felt more comfortable and responsive, and the saddle is great. :) 
Thanks again for the bike fit! I am sure I will be back for more. 
See you around!"
Jan H June 2024

"Thanks so much for the bike fitting Coach Darryl!! 
My bike fitting with Coach Darryl was much more than just that! He also offered coaching wisdom, told me about upcoming cycling events, and connected me to others in the cycling community, which is priceless. I am so grateful!
Thanks again, big hug! And pets for Joe Cocker :)"
Marisa F. May 2024

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate the work and have already noticed a difference in the ride of the bike"
Bryson S. April 2024

"Joe is a STAR! 
Thank you Darryl. The fitting was great! 
Rode yesterday and the fit and saddle is really nice. I felt so comfortable. 
I’ll have to consider new handlebars in the future sometime, but the position was great for the bars and hood positions. In the dips, I can get into position, but the reach to the breaks are not as close as I’d like. As you mentioned, the alternate size of the depth would be more appropriate. 
I have to say, it was a very comfortable ride! I rode about 52 miles and about 2800 ft of climbing!"
Kay P. April 2024

"I truly appreciate the expertise and time you spent with me on the recent bike fit. You solved my complex problems with some unique solutions. The fit is definitely better.
I am still pursuing the medical problem but hope to return to the trainer very soon. I will keep us updated.
Again, THANKS Coach"
Paul N. April 2024

"Lately I’ve been riding in a more aggressive position. I’d say your bike fit is definitely working for me. I am still working on my flexibility and core strengthening but I am back to 100+ miles per week no problem.
With your fit and saddle. Plus a little more seat time I’ll be ready for my Tucson trip next month."
Zach H. March 2024

"Hi Coach Darryl,
Thank you for the emails with photos, document, and tips last week - and more so for your time and help with my bike fit. Sorry I haven't got back to you yet, I got swamped with work since then - but I did get out for a few rides with my new fit and posture correction you showed me. The higher saddle position felt ackward at first, but I am getting more used to it and it has definitely helped with my SI joint issue. What you showed me about the reason why the saddle being too low made perfect sense in how it was affecting my SI joint. On this past Saturday, I went for my longest ride in a few months, about 35 miles, and though the SI hurt a little bit, it was far better than it has been
Thank you again, you were a huge help!"
Ron L. February 2024

"Thanks, Darryl.
I went for a 20 mile ride yesterday in Silver Strand. Everything felt better. 
I purchased the 38cm handlebar and will get it installed early next week."
Maria, February 2024

"First ride after the fit session yesterday. 35 miles. Legs need some conditioning but today I feel great compared to previously when I would ride and be extremely sore the next day.  
I notice this mostly in the hips, glutes, psoas, etc. 
My back was a little stiff when I rode. Woke up today and does not feel worse
Thank you so much"
Zachary H. January 2024

i just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome bike fits
i went to XX bikes today to get a bike fit from them
i got a new crank , 53 x 39 and i just wanted to get checked out for the
new season
i went to him , just because i wanted a second opinion
he said that i was spot on in regards to all points
he moved my saddle up just a tad (all my adjustments , my doing after that
seat clamp change)
it is amazing how little he had to do
so little to do in fact, that it was about an hours worth of time and only
charged me a small portion of the original fee (just like you would have
for a refit)
i wanted to let you know
not because i am never going to do a bike fit with you anymore
but because i wanted just another opinion on it
and now that he has
i wanted to let you know how awesome you are and i appreciate everything
you have done for me in the past couple of years
i know that i have been able to reach my potential without injuries or
nagging pains because you have always had me on the right track
it is just great confirmation for you and ever person that i refer to you
as well
if you ever had even the slightest doubts about how great you are in
regards to comparing yourself to others,  
you no longer need to (i doubt you ever did, no one ever has said a bad
word in regards to your services)
MK, Posted January 2024

"Hi Coach Darryl, happy new year. 
I just wanted to say thank you for the bike fitting. My husband is very happy with it. 
He mentioned to me that you guys talked about how he would benefit from some “road” cycling shoes instead of mountain cycling shoes. Also nice glasses with different frames to prevent neck strain. 
So, my question is do you have any particular recommendations?? I have pretty much no cycling knowledge and he has a birthday coming up, and I am interested in getting him things to make him more comfortable when he’s out on the road ☺️. Thank you"
Heather D. January 2024

"Thank you for your time, and knowledge, I had a great experience during the fitting. I look forward to our next appointment, because I will be contacting you again soon for saddle, shoes and bars.
I had my first ride this morning after I was able to buy new tires and install them on the bike. I felt each pedal stroke was stronger, I found that climbing was so much easier. My left leg is definitely helping out the right leg now. I felt many more leg muscles engaging with each pedal stroke. I had zero back and zero shoulder pain. I did feel my arm muscles working in place of my arm bones taking up the weight of my upper body. I had zero wrist pain.
Thank you so much for the appointment."
Sandra S, November 2023

"I just wanted to thank you for the bike fit and recommendations!!! I rode around Miramar lake yesterday and got a PR without even trying and afterwards no pain in my knee nor foot!! 
So again, thank you so much for making my bike ride Pleasent and exciting!"
Dilson U. August 2023

"I wanted to thank you again for your bike fitting and guidance about AIDS/LifeCycle. I had a great experience training with team San Diego and I felt very comfortable completing the ride.
I rode everyday day for a total of around 505 miles.. 
I feel great and had no issues with my bike or body
I appreciate all of the effort and care you put into your bike fits. I plan to reach out again because I have some new cycling shoes that I’d like to get fitted. Thanks again. "​
Veronica W. June 2023, after pedaling from San Francisco to Los Angeles

"After our fit session on Tuesday I did two short rides and a 64 mile (birthday miles) ride yesterday. 
I did notice that I just want to ride faster and stronger, which is so very nice. "
Amnon S. June, 2023

"Many thanks, Darryl – I’m very grateful for all your expertise and am looking forward to getting out and testing out the new fit."​
Kathryn L June 2023

"Thank you, coach Darryl. 
I too enjoyed our time together and learning through the process and by the wealth of information that you shared with me. I can't wait for my first ride with the new settings."
Amnon S. June 2023

"Thanks very much! I too enjoyed the experience. You made it both pleasant and educational. I will definitely call in the future if I need any repositioning. "
Matt S. May 2023

"My road bike and my mountain bike are both feeling great and I would like to get my full suspension set up"
Coach Darryl Addition: This cyclist had a 3 hour bike fit, then took a second bike here for about 45 minutes to clone his optimized position on it, now he wants his third bike's position cloned.  
Reuben F. May 2023

"Thanks for everything, Darryl. I was able to make it through a 70 mile ride on Saturday with no IT band issues. Yahoo!"
Abby P. May, 2023

"I wanted to let you know that my mountain bike is feeling great and I would love to bring my road bike in to get it set up, I would also like to purchase another one of those black seats from you for the road bike."
Reuben F. April 2023
Coach Darryl's PS: after getting a bike fit on one of your bikes, subsequent bikes can be cloned to the same position in usual about 45 minutes. 

"Thank you for the extensive bike fitting, it exceeded my expectations."
Nathan G. March 2023

"I rode my bike last Saturday (43 miles) and Sunday (18 miles), and according to Garmin, I averaged 14 mph ( 14 mph-Saturday and 14.1 mph-Sunday), which is a personal record for me. It felt comfortable and I did not feel winded or that this pace was a stretch. I am sure it had to do with the bike fit and the riding suggestions you gave me during our bike fit. "
Veronica W. February 2023

​"Over the past few years, when the days are longer so that I can do daily rides, then I try to do 100 miles per week and I have ridden the Tour de Big Bear (50 miles), Tour de Tucson (100 km), and Bike the Coast (50 miler). I am still riding my 2002 TREK 5200 that you set up for me. I am amazed that over the past 10 years I haven't had any cycling injuries, which I attribute to your outstanding bike fitting. Thanks."
John K. February 2023

"Hopping on here to let you know that I've been enjoying (well, more like my body has been enjoying) the greater comfort with the proper fitting!
I feel a more balanced peddling on my left foot and hence the right foot no longer tingles at miles 35+.
I am also remembering to check my riding posture, more of a sway back (vs clam shell) and a relaxed bend to elbow.
I've lowered my handlebar slightly and this is the best I've ever felt on my bike.  
Thank you for your expertise and the dedication you have brought to the cycling enthusiasts.
All the best of health and peace to you and Joe Cocker!"
Liz W., January 2023

"I want to thank you for the bike fit back in October.  
Your methods set me up well! I noticed and saw an increase in power on the road and on the trainer. I recommended you to a few cycling buddies."
Jonathan T, January 2023

"I am extremely happy with the fit you did for me in September. I feel comfortable and have a few more watts of power."
Cody B. December 2022

"Amazing bike fit. My first and I appreciate Coach’s patience. The pain and fatigue that I had immediately on a pretty dang good fitting bike is gone. There is a big component of “coaching” and some issues were self inflicted and now that I’m educated I’ll be addressing.  
Couldn’t say anything nicer. Great experience and someone truly passionate." 
Derek R. November 2022

"Bike fit on my new bike worked out well. It's very comfortable. No numbness at all. I can feel the difference in my calfs, which never were sore before! No pain no gain." Bruce K. November 2022

"Thanks for taking the time to help me last Friday. My power watts in your studio went from about 130 to over 190 watts. I am very happy with the bike fit, it feels good "
Ted L. October 2022

"Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me." 
Cristian I. October 2022

"The fitting that you did on my BMC bike and my Sidi with Speedplay cleats [in July 2021] worked well. It took me a couple of weeks for my body to acclimate to it. I've put many happy miles on the bike since without any pain or numbness. Im in the market for a replacement carbon fiber bike. I will bring whatever bike I get to you for a proper fitting."
Bruce  August 2022

"I went for my first bike ride after my bike fit .. 
I rode for 10 miles and the fitting was wonderful.
The pedal extension made life much easier. The handle bar and the seat is 
very comfortable. I was going up to Gilman Dr. and my left knee did not 
hurt at all. Also, my left ankle did very well."
Aristides M. July 2022

"I do think I was stronger with the higher seat. I definitely felt good all around with my new stem and where it positioned me in relation to the handlebars. I went up mount Soledad so I had lots of time to ponder how the climb felt! "
Mary M. July 2022

Coach Darryl's Note: This couple had recently moved from San Diego to Tucson
"We plan to get new bikes soon, over 300 mi of bike paths around city of Tucson. Will have to drive back to SD for your expert fitting! 😊​"

Coach Darryl's Note: This rider had a bike fit with me many months earlier. While he was pedaling an 8 day 500+ mile event, he contacted me regarding discomfort due to the high volume of miles. A day earlier gave him suggestions, this was his response to my suggested changes. 
"It went MUCH better! The changes helped a lot. I am now mostly sore, but pedaling did not make it worse. I was able to complete 50 miles before calling it a day because it was 100 degrees."
Jorge A. June 2022

"Hi Darryl,
First of all, I apologize for the mix up during my attempt to book a fitting with you. I was in a panic when you said you couldn't get me in for a couple weeks, I had already booked the fitting with MC bike shop.
Long story short, after paying the other bike fitter, my right thumb and index finger feel like they are "digging" into the handle bars, and get blisters even with gloves. They angled the bars up... Angled them down.. Angled the hoods... Still have not gotten to where it needs to be.
In addition, I'm experiencing some knee pain (during) and hip pain (not during cycling but after)... Some not so fun things that make me worry about peddling 545 miles on the bike.
So, in a last ditch effort, if you have any cancellations or time available in the next 5 days before I have to ship my bike out on Tuesday, I'm willing to accept the fact that I wasted my money at the other bike shop and have you take a look at things and see if we can get it dialed in." 

(Before Coach Darryl bike fit comments are above, after comments are below)

"Always a great experience, thank you for fitting me in and saving my body from 545 miles of torture, now hopefully I can enjoy the ride and make this a memorable year!"
Rob K. June 2022

"Hi Darryl,
Just wanted to report back. I’ve ridden a couple times since our session. The first 15 minutes I felt the seat was too high and would have to be adjusted down. But from minute 16 and beyond, I felt amazing. Complete game changer. No knee pain, and I feel stronger as a cyclist. The pedal change has also been amazing, and I’ve been teaching myself not to lock my elbows and not to pedal with my toes down. 
Thank you Darryl!!
I’m getting my garmin pedals this week so I’ll be coming back to see you ASAP.
Thank you!!"
Kelly H. April 2022

"Thanks again for your time on Tuesday. I took advantage of our new Daylight Time and did a hill climb after work yesterday. I had absolutely no tendon/ligament problem below my right knee, as I had before, so you have definitely made a big improvement! Thanks again."​
Dave B. March 2022

"Since the fit, I rode 3 days totaling 100 miles and 2500ft of elevation. There was the usual post adjustment muscle soreness after the first ride but overall everything feels great. I am going to start really working on climbing now"
Steve S. November 2021

​"Yes, worked with Coach Darryl on the fitting of my bike. I highly recommend him for a fitting.
Brian M. October 2021

"Wanted to say thanks to the group for recommending Darryl MacKenzie for a bike fitting. Booked it a while ago and did the fitting today. Darryl was very informative, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to hang out with for 3 hours during the process. His furry friend, Joe Cocker, who also doubles as the VP of Marketing, is the sweetest pup ever. Made some serious adjustments to the bike and riding style as we went through what causes discomfort and how to adjust it via technique or fit. Highly recommend Darryl for anyone looking for a bike fit. 
Thanks again Darryl for the great bike fit!"
Adam J, October 2021

​"Quality, Environment, Customer Service. 
Keep up the good work. 
Most beneficial and enjoyable experience."
Fred K. October 2021 

"Nice to see you are back in business, and glad to hear you have as much work as you want!
Bike fit is still awesome. Hope to see you on a ride soon!"
Chris A.  October 2021

"Forty minutes on the trainer this am with ‘corrected’ shoes. Went well. No (pain) problems.
Thanks, Coach"
Paul N. October 2021

"Spectacular bike fit!"
Wayne M. September 2021

"I had a bike fit in 2014. You did a great job. I want another appointment".
David C. September 2021

"Thanks. I rode Friday and yesterday felt great!"
Curt H. September 2021

"Darryl even though our relationship is new it has been a significant part of my biking success puzzle. I had never ridden more than 20 miles up until the ALC in 2019 training period. You Darryl gave me the ability to ride my bike as is best for my body and that was equally important. As I approach another 545 at 66 years these components working together with my desire will be important to getting to the LA finish line. Thank you for your council, effort, support and friendship."
Jim K. September 2021

"Thanks Darryl and Joe Cocker, for the fit and the pictures. Your assistance, feedback and encouragement to become a better cyclist is greatly appreciated"
Brian M. August 2021

" I’m also grateful for Coach Darryl’s bike fittings and the superb advice he has given me"
Steve S, December 2020

"Good morning! Great news, fitting is great. 30 miles this morning, no pain. Keeping/paying more attention to that micro bend on left arm also! Beautiful day out there 🚲🚲🚲, thank you again. Hope you’re feeling better!"
Carlos O. November 2020

Typed on Facebook as a recommendation for a bike fitter:
"Definitely Darryl MacKenzie is the best, and no not an English teacher, a data scientist that also consulted for Selle Anatomica the most comfortably fit saddle you'll ever find manufactured in San Diego. Not only does Darryl spend up to 3 hours on your fit which can also include a base line power test, during that time he will get to know you. He will fit your bike for how you use it: crit racer? triathlete? long-distance tour? double century? He keeps your data on file and during that unexpected emergency, you can call him from overseas so that the fit guy at your race can talk to him about the specifics of your fit and set up your replacement or rented bike perfectly for your event. Darryl is one-of-a-kind, and a genuinely nice guy."
Debbie K, September 2020

"I think of you every time I unclip. Doing so at the bottom of the pedal stroke really works well! That is a Pro Coach tip, thanks!"
Steve S., Orange County CA, July 2020

"The bike fit is awsome. I am still feeling great!"
Chris D., June 2020, Bike fit was October 2019

"Hi Coach D,
Just checking in with you that you are healthy and safe.
I'm still so grateful for your help with dialing in my road bike. I have mentioned your name to many new riders and I hope your business is doing well.  
Be well,
Jarrod G." June, 2020, Bike Fit was February 2019

"So Coach Darryl MacKenzie made some adjustments to the Colt. He was installing a saddle but did a fitting as well. It is as nice to spend time with Coach and appreciate the care and precision he puts into the measures. Great guy, brilliant engineer, and great friend. Thank You Coach."
John B. June 2020

"Was out on a ride yesterday and thought of you because of my awesome saddle and how my back doesn’t hurt when I ride."
Chris A, April 2020

"A very good investment"
Ken F, April 2020

"After an aggressive 70 mile ride Saturday on my new Trek SL6, I developed Achilles tendinopathy. Checked with my doc at Kaiser about the medical stuff then called Coach Darryl about the bike part. After a few minutes of listening and asking questions, he was able to pinpoint the likely source of the trouble and formulate a solution. He understands the interrelationship between bikes, bodies and biomechanics better than anyone I know. He also excels at helping you understand the why and what and how of things. Coach Darryl is my go to for everything biking related, because he's been there done that and has the jerseys to prove it :) Thanks again Coach, much appreciated!"
Steve S. April 2020

"Great night tonight spent with Darryl MacKenzie working on fitting my bike... great guy with a vast amount of knowledge... I have no idea what made me wait this long... I'd highly recommend him for a bike fitting... thank you Darryl!!!"
 Liana C. Mar 1

"Hi Coach Darryl, thank you very much! I appreciate all of the bike fit documentation. I enjoyed the bike fitting process and learned a lot; I’ve since taken a couple of rides and everything feels great. I will definitely let you know when I need to follow up for any changes I may make in the future.
Tony H. February 2020

"I now have two longer rides under my belt since our appointment. One 25 mile and one 30 mile.
My knees and back were much happier. yay!"
Christine R. February 2020

"New fit is perfect!  No pain. And so much POWER. I forgot that was one of the benefits of the right fit! : )
The saddle is lovely!"
Chris A. January 2020

"- had way more power, was flying up hills in higher gears than normal
- elbow pain is gone
- foot numbness is gone
- didn't feel saddle soreness with your loaner Saddle, Saddle is very comfortable. I'd also like to purchase the SA Saddle"
Gregory B. January 2020

"Thank you, Darryl. You certainly are thorough and I appreciate the notes and pictures! Can’t wait to ride and feel the improvements!"
Cathy E. January 2020

"Darryl is the best. He worked with me for hours, changing and tweaking lots of little things until my bike felt like a new bike. He truly is a bike whisperer and I agree with Tim, get your bike fit now before the longer rides begin." 
Jim W., January 2020

"Wow!!! What a difference! I had no idea I was so far away from a good fit. I was setting PRs on the ride in this morning. So much more efficient and comfortable. My elbow didn't bother me at all. Thanks a ton! You're the best!"
Tim N. January 2020, after his first 21 mile commute to work, 10 hours after his bike fit.

"Darryl MacKenzie all good and in great shape. Interesting to me is I compared measurements on bikes you fitted 10 years ago. Your recent fit of this bike is within millimeters if those measures. You are very consistent 🤙🤙."
John B January 2020 (He bought a bike in San Diego, I fitted him, and he returned to his home state to compare the new bike's position with those I adjusted for him over a decade ago.)

"I have been putting a few hundred miles on my bike since you did the fit. It has certainly improved my performance and speed in a significant way." 
Babak M. January 2020

"1st ride with my second Selle Anatomica saddle, new Bontrager shoes and SpeedPlay pedals. Coach Darryl got everything properly fitted last night and the ride was fantastic, zero issues. The saddle was out of the box comfortable and the SpeedPlay pedals are so much easier to clip into and out of."
(Coach Darryl sells Selle Anatomica saddles and has installed over 200 of them. Contact me for info.) 
Steve S. December 2019

"Hi Coach,
The cleats felt good. It took a while to bang right into the pedals. A few more rides should solve that. 
My spinning clicked in at about Fiesta Island.
I feel stronger in bigger gears. That can only improve.  
My breathing is improved.
The takeaway is I have benefited from your fitting and ideas. 
Everything worked. Extra miles right off the bat.  
I didn’t feel exhausted and wasn’t sweating like a pig afterwards. 
I have no soreness anywhere. In fact overall, I feel pretty good. 
Thanks again. I appreciate your good work. "
Bill D. December 2019

“Thanks again! Just got back from Cabrillo Point ride and we’re back in business.”
Chris A, November 2019, he had a bike fit 6 weeks earlier, then installed a new stem, saddle and cleats at a bike store, resulting in back and hand discomfort. After a 60 minute readjustment, the original Coach Darryl bike fit comfort was restored.

"Fantastic personal attention to my style riding and my goals. This is a quality rider focused service. Not a one size fits all approach. 
Thanks Coach!"
Bill P. November 2019

"I couldn't wait any longer. The rain stopped so I left work early and went for a short ride on a route I ride often.
Well the first thing I noticed was that it felt like I wasn't able to get the power I used to. My legs were spinning too easy and I kept having to go down to a harder gear every minute or so to feel some resistance. 
Next thing I realize I'm moving at 20.8 mph on a section I never could get above 17.
You know your stuff Coach ! Thanks!!!
Also that saddle is awesome. "
Bill November 2019

"Darryl you are so good with the math and stats. That’s why my bike fit is so good. Thank You my friend."
John B. November 2019

"That bike fit changed everything for me. It increased power and efficiency. Plus I felt much better in the hours after riding”
Robert B. November 2019

"Hey Darryl I just wanted to let you know that I had one of the best rides I've had in a long time. Burned more calories today than I have in a long time... Thank you! (Chronic pain in back and glutes, been to several bike fitters previously.)
Justin S. October 2019"

"Darryl, I am really enjoying the increases power and speed as I’m regularly getting PRs on my segments since the bike fit. You also have me giddy about the possibility of riding a 62 instead of my 64, which opens up lots of bike possibilities for me."
 Mike M., October 2019 regarding a bike fit 5 weeks earlier

The below in blue font is a series of posts placed on the Trek Bicycle Superstore Century Training Facebook page in October 2019
"Just a shout out about Coach Darryl MacKenzie and his bike fitting program. Owning an automotive shop, I know what it means to understand what's behind certain problems.
It appears that my bike was so far out of adjustment that the Sun is closer to Pluto than my adjustment were. No wonder I had back, neck and shoulder pain.
His approach to adjustments are both scientific as well as observational. I will be riding this weekend and then next week is the MS 150, but I know already, that I will be a stronger rider thanks to his help.
If you have thought about a bike fitting with him, do yourself a favor and commit to it. Well worth it.
Jerry K 
"I so agree!! Go see him!’
Tracy S. 
"I couldn’t agree more!!! Everyone who loves cycling should do this."
Sandy T.
"Completely agree with you."
Steve S.
"I’m so glad you finally did this. It’s math. Not everyone is good at math like Darryl MacKenzie is. Makes a huge difference in your strength!
Carol H.
"Agreed. His fine work took me from hesitant to advocate." 
Ken F.
End of Series of Posts

"Instant improvement! It is amazing what a difference each little adjustment makes."
Sam M. September 2019

Time to increase your average pedaling speed and power to the pedals?
Get a bike fit! This cyclist improved 1 mile per hour and is now pushing 23% harder on the pedals! On the same route, just 3 days later:
Miles... Time ......Ave Speed......Watts By Legs

"Your bike fit was great. You are very good at explaining concepts and I look forward to riding tomorrow after the adjustments and greatly improved riding posture that I will concentrate on. Thanks again, Sincerely,"
Mike M. September 2019

"Fun adventures exploring new places, Mount Soledad in La Jolla, with new cycling friends in my new shoes! Thanks again, Coach Darryl MacKenzie- for all your help with all my cycling gear and bike fit! I am grateful for life- free to be me and do what makes my heart fully alive."
Tracey S. August 2019

"A Coach Darryl bike fit is about as good as it gets, highly recommended!"
Steve S. August 2019

Hi Coach Darryl,
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the bike fit you did. It took a couple of weeks to get used to the new position; seat raised over 1 inch, narrower handlebars, and reach and upper body angle adjusted. Not only do I feel more comfortable now, but I feel so much stronger! Hills seem easier and distances don’t seem as long. Thanks again for improving my comfort and performance on the bike.
Pat B. August 2019

"You are the best! Of course I will refer you!! "
Tracey S. July 2019

"One visit with Coach Darryl turns a frown into a big smile. thank you so much for everything!!! Carol, July

"Great to meet you and thanks for everything. Just got back home last night, 4 days in a row of racing and fairly tired. The bike felt good and I was on the podium in every race. Much happier.
Thanks again!"
Mike, racer from Mammoth Mountain, July 2019

"Thanks for all you did!  I’d like to bring in the tandem, mt bike, and eventually the gravel bike."
Patrik July 2019

"Coach Darryl fit my bike to me, suggested a saddle change and I just took off, literally 🙂. Between the fit, the saddle and the tips, I completed my first Century this spring. I would never have made it with my bike in it’s old configuration. He’s a delight to work with, calm and open and relaxed. I recommend him without reservation."
Steve S. June 2019

"You sure know your stuff, Darryl. Thank You!"
Susan G. June 2019

"I’m a happy customer and would recommend Coach Darryl’s bike fit! Get it!"
Kelvin L. June 2019

"Highly recommend for triathletes too!!!"
Patty K June 2019

"Night and day difference!"
Val H. June 2019

"Darryl is the best!!"
Jarrod G. June 2019

"You are a Sherpa (a term I have before reserved for only my flight instructor) and I cannot climb with out your help. Thank you sir. Btw what you did for me as far as adjustment I took to the felt bike and got the most improved time for the level 1 group. I picked up 2 seconds on a (velodrome) full lap.  It had to be you. I passed the fastest guy on the track"
Billy L June 2019

"Wanted to tell you how much you improved my cycling. The bike is MUCH more comfortable and  faster climbing. You improved my cycling immensely."
Told on a ride, June 2019 

"So today Coach Darryl MacKenzie made some adjustments to the Colt. He was installing a saddle but snuck in a fitting. My ride tomorrow will be so much better than my ride today. It is as nice to spend time with Coach and appreciate the care and precision he puts into the measures. Great guy, brilliant engineer, and great friend. Thank You Coach."
John B,  June 2019, via FaceBook

"Great as Always"
Beth L, June 2019, via Square

"Darryl MacKenzie thanks! Thanks for the bike fitting! It did wonders!"
 Kevin M., June 2019, via Facebook 

"Technical knowledge, a desire to 'get it right' and a caring attitude make for a great bike fitting experience." 
Paul N.  May 2019, via Square

"I just wanted to give you some feedback and my thanks on the awesome bike fitting session. All I can say is wow! Yes, with any major changes, there will be an adjustment period. I went on a 50+ mile ride the following day and some amazing things happened - my pedal stroke was so much more efficient, powerful and the push/pull on the pedals was more even. I couldn't believe how well I rode up Del Dios and the other climbs as well as my improvement in speed/power on the flat.
Amy L. May 2019

Being relatively new to riding (2 years), I am so glad that I finally was able to get a bike fit with you. It is critical to have the fit/comfort to be able to enjoy the sport (and keep riding) and minimizing the risk of injury due to poor fit and body mechanics."
"My climbing was strong! And my shoulders felt better! I do like the saddle."
Renee May 2019

"I really enjoyed our session today! Took the bike out for a spin this afternoon, 3 personal bests on the 15 bike path!"
Renee May 2019

"Last night I finally got a bike fit with Coach Darryl and what a difference! I should have done it ages ago - I definitely spent a good part of the ride readjusting to the new placements but the power I’m now getting is worth it. I highly recommend seeing him if you need to be fitted (another bonus, a visit to him also means making a new friend with his adorable cocker spaniel Rex)." Shawn G. May 2019

"One of the better things I ever did."
Ken F. May 2019

"Coach Darryl MacKenzie is the best!! I got fitted by him too!"
Dawn W. May 2019

Thanks to Darryl MacKenzie for the recent update for my bike fitting! Feet are feeling great! Cleat position is working on my new bike shoes, feeling more control in the drops, and realized that right hip of mine is not aching like is does after a hard ride! Wow! Thank you! So far, I feel better adjusted physically, and probably mentally as well for other reasons!!"
Kay's Facebook post April 2019

"I just want to say again "thank you". I'm 4 rides and about 120 miles into the adjustments and what a difference! The power efficiency, especially on climbs, is awesome. I'm doing the same hills with 2-3 gears higher. Overall average speed is also up and the back feels so much better. It's great all around."
Jaime C April 2019

"Thanks so much. I enjoyed the bike fit and learned a lot. I am looking forward to hitting the road!"
Marc, March 2019

"I was skeptical as I never have had a bike fit outside of a bike shop. I had just bought a new bike and thought my fit was fine. I was having issues with numb toes and sore IT bands as my rides became longer. Coach Darryl dialed in what was wrong and adjusted my cleats, seat and showed me better positioning. It is well worth the money and I suggest doing it sooner rather than later as it will improve your training rides. Also if something doesn't work for you after the fit just go back to him for adjustments. I did my fit in May last year which I wish I had done sooner."
Jim K. March 2019

"Hi Darryl, the bike fit session this morning , was certainly more than I expected. Had no idea it was that involved! I’ll make a few notes of my own to implement your comments and words of bike “wisdom”.
Mike S March 2019

"Great night tonight spent with Darryl MacKenzie working on fitting my bike... great guy with a vast amount of knowledge... I have no idea what made me wait this long... I'd highly recommend him for a bike fitting... thank you Darryl!!!"
Chris March 2019

"Wow! What a difference!"
Jaime March 2019

"Coach Darryl is exceptional. As a new road cyclist, he helped me learn how to properly position myself on my new road bike and meticulously measured and fit the bike to my body so that I can grow, perform, and love to ride. Thank you Coach Darryl!"
Jarrod G. February 2019

"I know you might already it done, but Coach Darryl MacKenzie (check him out on facebook) has done customized bike fittings on my bikes . . . EXCELLANT! NO PAINS!! He also leads a stationary training class at the TREK Bicycle Superstore.... "
Ken T. February 2019

"great coach and very knowledgeable"
Mike M February 2019

As Coach Darryl was introduced to several dozen cyclists before a group ride:
"Coach Darryl is the Bike Fit Whisperer for San Diego"
Jim W. December 2018

"Thank you for the bike fit. It was far better than I expected"
Wayne S. November 2018

"Many thanks - you did a great job. I felt so good on my bike on Sunday!"
Linda H. October 2018

"As a Physical Therapist, if thinking about riding a bike, a bike fit is essential. One cyclist went on a first ride of only 20 miles and badly injured a knee" 
Claire S. October 2018

"I had not had a full bike fit in 4.5 years, but some adjustments from time to time. Recently riding had become a drudge. It took more effort on climbs than it had in the past. Darryl found I was way off on several adjustments. The result was amazing. While at the end of a 50 miler we were heading up Black Mt. Rd. and gave it a go, felt like old self, my stroke was strong as I shot to the top able to pass riders I was not able to on earlier rides. One might say,' He's got the bounce big in his stroke!' " 
Ray M. September 2018

"Thank you to Coach Darryl for the custom bike fit. Riding comfortable and more efficient. What a tremendous difference."   "Best fit and Saddle Adjustment."
Dave N. September 2018

"I was riding the 10miles over 20 miles/hr which is a record speed for me."
Ronen E. September 2018

"Thank you to Coach Darryl for the custom bike fit. Riding comfortable and more efficient. What a tremendous difference."
David N. September 2018

"Pedal stroke feels much more comfortable. I am much stronger."
Ray M. September 2018

"Took the Bike out to test ride the new saddle, shoes and pedals.. I felt very comfortable on the saddle and the release on the shoes was easy. Did a little climbing and I felt more power and speed. Thanks again for all your help"
Jocko K. August 2018

"Absolutely far and above my expectations. I learned a lot."
Jocko K. July 2018

"OMG..what a difference!"
Dawn W. July 2018

"Coach Darryl is the best. Glad he was able to put an adjustment on the bike and a smile on your face."
James W. July 2018

"Thank you Darryl for the thorough and information bike fit session! I learned so much for you."
Claire K. July 2018

"Thank you!! Being more intentional today with my position and feeling much better!!! I appreciate you, Coach Darryl!!" 
(On day 3 of a week long pedal from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Frank posted on Facebook about soreness. I sent him pictures of his bike fit at my studio 18 months earlier showing what he was doing wrong, and described what to do to correct the pain.)
Frank P. June 2018

"thanks for all the great help, the fitting and the advice. It's all paying off!"
Nicolas R. May 2018

"Darryl this is incredibly kind of you to make this offer, thank you.
I’m excited about all the adjustments and modifications to my bike that are made. After doing 2 centuries i can say that it truly helped. The other aches and pains i’m afraid i have to just chalk up to “father time”. Thanks for your awesome service and the fun conversation too."
Mark R. May 2018

"I'll study all you sent. Appreciate all you did yesterday. I did great on my 90 miler today. Feet and arm hand no tingling. IT was just fine. Thank you."
Jim C. May 2018

"I did a 50 mile ride yesterday with the new positioning.
1) NO KNEE PAIN!!! None. This a very good thing!
2) I was able to hold the improved position for quite a while without having any discomfort
3) Much greater power transfer. I was able to climb better and faster than previously. Also I felt like I could really turn over a higher gear at my usual cadence than before.  
Overall I am very pleased with the new adjustments and positioning"
Martin M. May 2018

"​Thanks for everything! I rode 50 miles along the coast with lots of climbing :). I felt very good, my hands did not hurt at all, nor did my elbows."
Suzanne H. May 2018

​"It was great meeting with you and I did use lots of the tips we talked about. Plus I was less nervous going down hill. WOW!. 
 I could tell riding the hills that I had more power in the legs and feet."
Natasha H. April 2018

"Just experienced a bike fitting with Coach Darryl and it really exceeded my expectations - lots of great information; immediate improvement in comfort; and some extremely helpful guidance re posture on my bike. A must for anyone planning to spend a lot of time cycling. Time and money well spent. Great session today – thank you for such great service!"
John D. March 2018 

​"Thanks Coach. I went for a 35 mile ride last Sunday. Bike felt good, I felt strong. Thanks again for everything."
Rick S. March 2018

"I am glad so many people are getting help from you to make their ride more enjoyable"
Laura C. March 2018

"Learned a lot and had a great experience with Coach Darryl." 
Liane D. March 2018

"I learned a lot about how I was riding, my bike set up and how I was sitting on the bike that hindered performance and comfort... Thank you Darryl and Coach Henry... :)"
March 2018

"Great night tonight spent with Darryl MacKenzie working on fitting my bike... great guy with a vast amount of knowledge... I have no idea what made me wait this long... I'd highly recommend him for a bike fitting... thank you Darryl!!!"
Linda C. March 2018

"Bike Fit with Darryl MacKenzie is the best one. If you need one Darryl will take care of you at a reasonable price. I Highly recommend Darryl!" 
Ermias M. March 2018

"I just wanted to thank you for such a great fit. I went on my first ride today with the new changes and it was an amazing ride."
Ashley M. February 2018

"Great info n insight! Thank you for saving my back n shoulder!!"
Comment on Square, February 13 2018

"Thanks for the great bike fit! The bike felt great."
Roger H, February 2018, after completing the Tour de Palm Springs 102 miles in 5:13 a week after a bike fit. 

"Awesome bike fit. 50 miles with 3,000 feet of climbing and it was easy. Thanks.(Knee pain gone!)"
Eric N. Feb 2018

"What a dramatic improvement."
Mark A. January 2018

"Thank you so very much for the fit yesterday! I was so pleased and extremely satisfied"
Angela L. January 2018

"Many thanks. The bike fit was a great experience. I’m impressed with all your knowledge on the topic."
Greg H. January 2018

"Just went on my first ride on the trainer on my tri bike and what a difference! Everything felt perfect and no saddle pain. Stoked to try out the road bike"
Michael T. December 2017

"Coach Darryl is awesome! I had a wonderful experience at my bike fitting with him at his home studio. He has so much advanced equipment to really get you set up in the right place on your bike. He knows exactly what to do to get you lined up properly and ready to roll with ease. I didn’t realize how much I needed to have just a few things adjusted on my bike to finally get that perfect feeling body after a long or short ride. I now feel more comfortable and safer while on my bike and therefore on the road. I’m so happy I found him and made the appointment, it’s made such a difference in how I feel on the road and after. Thank you Darryl :)"
Addy R November 2017

"Thank you. Your advice is great. 
Thank you for helping me become a better cyclist."
Kay P November 2017

"Always one of the most helpful vendors I've ever used. It's about getting it "right" not just doing the job."
Peter A September 2017

"I am stronger, faster less tired at end of ride."
M September 2017

"I had bad shoulder pain, every ride, almost all ride long. One trip to Coach Darryl and it is gone. All gone."
Francisco M. September 2017

"Hey Coach Darryl, 
Sry it took me so long to write you back, I wanted to have a few rides to really see how I feel on the "new bike" since I was off for 3weeks and wasn't sure if I was sore from that or the new fit. It is amazing!! I feel so much better on my bike, pretty much zero neck soreness after a 40mi ride and my legs feel great as well, no tightness in the hamstrings after that long one. Thanks so much and I am sending more riders your way."
Abby ​R. August 2017

"You did a terrific job. I'm really feel good."
Francisco M, August 2017

"Thank you Darryl
Thanks for all the information. I appreciated all the help you gave as coach and bike fitting expert.
See you soon."
Laura C. August 2017

"Enjoying a vanilla rose latte before heading back home after an awesome bike fit with the best bike fitter in the world....thanks Coach Darryl MacKenzie!! Nice to see you and Henry again. Can't wait to get out and ride 😎""
Christine H. August 2017

"I did a 24 mile ride in the Poway/RB area this morning. Lots of hills, The changes you made to my handle bars and cleats made my ride today really great! Thank you so very much for taking the time last Monday to make these corrections. My elbows were in a naturally bent position and I could actually reach the horn and brakes much easier than I was before the adjustment. The next biggest thing is that my toes didn’t go to sleep.
Thank you for making riding my bike a pleasurable experience again.
Have a great Sunday, you made mine!!!!​"
Fran S. July 2017

"I've ridden for the past 2 days and no knee pain."
Grant T. July 2017

"I am so excited to ride again! The bike fit experience was much more detailed and informative than I expected. I have been sharing about my experience with my other bike friends. Regards."
Alyssa M. July 2017

"my bike fit was spot on. Still working great."
Steven B. June 2017, 9 months after the bike fit.

"Thank you Coach Darryl for the bike fit. My riding feels so much better and stronger! And the saddle is awesome!!!"
Rob R. June 2017

"This was awesome! ​I learned so much! I feel so much stronger on my bike too!"
James D. June 2017

"I have another activity where I must greatly trust my equipment. After meeting you today, I feel I have better trust in my cycling due to greater trust in my bicycle's fit
James R. June 2017"

"​Thank you Coach. This was a terrific fit and I learned a ton. I took the bike out for 40 miles this morning and it was the most comfortable ride I’ve had in the year that I’ve owned the bike. I recommended you to my brother so hopefully he’ll give you a call soon.
Best regards,"
Dave E. June 2017

"Thanks Darryl. The bike is riding well thanks to the fitting."
Paul B., June 2017 the day before a very hilly century.

"I am very pleased with the experience overall, and will continue to tell new folks how good you are."
Greg C. May 2017

"Coach Darryl I just want to give you a big SHOUTOUT and THANK YOU for my bike fit yesterday! I appreciate the time you took with me and your scientific approach to fitting a cyclist to her bike! You are amazing at what you do! And I highly recommend you!  Hope to ride with you soon!"
Michelle T.

"What a great experience I had yesterday learning from you.
It is always so wonderful working with a true PRO
Thanks again"
Craig O. May 2017

"I love my new bike fit! I can pedal more in the big chain ring. Climbing is so much easier. And I am so much more comfortable on your saddle, my glutes love it!:
A. J., 88 years old, May 2017 

"I set 2 new Personal Records on Mt Soledad!"
Mike D. February 2017

"I did feel much stronger with the bike fit 🙂"
Dawn S. January 2017

"Thank you so much for the bike fit! I really enjoyed getting the bike fit and getting to know Coach Henry better.
I finally went out for a ride on Saturday. I felt so much stronger in my legs and it felt amazing."
Rami G. December 2016

"I've been very happy with the bike fit; I definitely have more power and am generally more comfortable"
Tim N. October 2016

"I pedaled 70+ miles this weekend and:
  • The elevated seat post.. I cursed you for a couple miles until climbing the first hill. The difference was remarkable. Going up the hill with the rear cassette one cog smaller was achieved. I monitor my heart rate and there was no increase in BPM .
  • The new saddle is comfortable and will take some getting use to.. A couple more weekends should wear it in.. So far, it’s a keeper.
  • The handle bars: Keeping my elbows bent will take practice, but I know now “what I should be doing”, to ride longer and stronger.  
Please say hello to Henry."
George B October 2016

"I got a personal record on Torrey today. 8:28"
Steven B. September 2016

"my girlfriend K.D. told me I must have you fit my bike. She said I won't be sorry. Looking forward to it!"
Mary G. September 2016

Michelle, on Facebook: "I did it ... home in under 3 hours! 35+ miles, 1431 calories and 2:57 baby!!! New personal best for me! Thank you preworkout and hydrate ... recover and recharge - I may just turn into an athlete before I turn 50 after all!"
Coach Darryl: "Good numbers, Michelle. Congratulations"
Michelle: "The custom fit has made a difference!!!! So my thanks to you!!"
Michelle T. August 2016

"yesterdays ride was v good - no pain in knees or quads & without going that hard i had fastest ride in 2 months."
Robert C. Aug 2016

"Thanks coach Darryl for the bike fit, felt the difference in riding right away!"
Manjot G. July 2016

"I am able to push with much more strength. Climbing with the faster riders for the first time."
Michael C. July 2016

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your coaching and bike fit expertise. It made a huge impact in the quality of my experience at AIDS LIfeCycle 2016 (8 days, 545 miles). The whole look up with the eyes but keep neck down and in alignment with my back made such a huge difference. Any time my neck and shoulders started to hurt, I reminded myself of that and the pain would go away quickly after I adjusted my positions. It was amazing to be in the top 200-250 the whole week, the bathroom lines were short, food lines non-existant, and yet I was still able to stop and take pictures and smell the trees and the brush along the way because I was strong, and fast, and it allowed me more time to do those sort of things."
Rob K. July 2016

"Thank you again for my wonderful bike fit. I've gone on two rides (50 and 20 miles) since the adjustment and I'm riding with more power and my speed has increased, which is great!"
Elena S. July 2016

"Your bike fit infinitely improved the way I ride! You have been a gem, Coach Darryl! Thank you."
Frank P. June 2016

"I want to thank you for the bike fit and all the tips on your website. Last weekend I completed my first ever century - the Spring 2016 Trek Stage 1 Century, really a tough one for the first timers. I...definitely did not have the pains I had before the bike fit. So its a major improvement..." 
Ranjith K. May 2016

"Thanks for your help with ride position and the bike fit. My afternoon 75 mile ride went well. The new cleat position was solid, and made some new muscles work harder than before, while also keeping my right calf from working itself into near cramping. My triceps also got a big workout and no toe numbness. The new saddle was great, very comfortable. All in all, besides having to work on upper body position and strength, it was a great ride.  
Jesse B May 2016

"My bike feels great: no numb toes, pressure on the feet is fairly even and I felt like I could go for another 75 miles... just kidding about the additional 75, but not about the rest. All of the adjustments made a huge difference! Can't wait to get my new handlebar to have it all set up perfectly. :) Love it!"
Sabine R. May 2016

"MAN.. I can peddle FAST! HARD! WOW. I can really move now! :) Less pain. Yay!"
Rob K April 2016

"Your magic and analysis works! Saddle fits much better and comfortable. Able to ride comfortable on the brake handles and no left knee pain."
Paul N. February 2016

"Overall, I felt a lot better in the bike so I am happy."
Rene F. Feb 2016

"My Butt Loves You"   
Peter A. December 2015

"Just wanted to let you know I had my first rides over the weekend on the road bike.
 All those things you said would improve did. It used to take me 5 to 8 minutes of riding to get me set and semi comfortable on the bike. Now I am more comfortable than ever at just the first 5 to 8 pedal strokes. The knee pain in the left knee is greatly reduced and you are right, the hills are a little easier.
Why did I wait so long? Every beginner through advanced rider should do this and not wait!! It’s like I have a new bike."
Dave S. December 2015

"Everything was perfect and I felt very comfortable on the bike. It will take me awhile to break that bad habit on rolling my back. I could feel a big difference as I rode with my back straight." 
Pat G. December 2015

"What do you get after a 2.4 mile Swim in 60 degrees, 112 mile bike ride in the pouring rain(more like a monsoon) and 26.2 mile run? Get to see the love of your life at the finish line and thank her for all her support!! And of course bragging rights for the rest of my life😀. Also thank you Darryl MacKenzie for the awesome Bike fit!!"
Ty S. December 2015

"I wanted to let you know that I went to Tucson this weekend for the El Tour de Tucson century. The event was great. Having made it to most of your spin classes I crushed the hills and felt great for the whole ride.
Ben B November 2015

"Excellent one on one service. Very informative" 
Pat G. November 2015

"On my first ride it occurred to me that the only time I was thinking about my butt was when I noticed that I was not constantly thinking that it was hurting! " 
Peter A. November 2015

"I love it!!! It is like having a new and better performing bike,. I’m singing your praises to all that will listen, and some that won’t."
Dave S. November 2015

"For the last several months, I've been wearing a knee brace when I ride. It seemed to be getting worse too. Finally I broke down and scheduled an appointment with Coach Darryl. He spent several hours working on every possible adjustment to make me more comfortable on rides. Now my bike fits Really well and my knee hasn't hurt since! Thank you!!"
Robin W. November 2015

"...it was VERY helpful that you had me wear one of each shoe on the trainer and could see how my foot moved differently in them. The fact that it’s the SHOE, and some guidance in what about my current shoe works better was very helpful. Thanks,"
Jan Z. November 2015

"Thanks Darryl I am enjoying my new bike fit much more comfortable and easier up hills .I am keeping up much better on hills and am looking forward to spin class on tuesday see you there
Scott W. November 2015

"I loved the bike fit. As you may recall, I was scheduled for a 25 mile bike ride on Saturday for the Orange County Tour de Cure. It was a great ride and a good opportunity to try out the new bike fit. Things went quite well. My right knee and left IT band held up marvelously with no pain on either."
Jim W. October 2015

"Wanted to let you know I LOVE my new handlebar size. You were right. It makes a huge difference in the comfort of my bike. I feel more relaxed and the bike is easier to maneuver."
Angela R. October 2015

"Thanks Darryl. I rode 25 today and all felt awesome."  
Pattie K. October 2015

"I am so much more comfortable on my bike! My knee is healing - I did  even need to wear a support this week. I love my bike seat! It's wonderful! Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!"
Robin W. October 2015

"The higher RPM is the best kept secret! No wonder people want to ride longer and greater miles; they don't feel as tires at the end of the ride."
Sandra R. August 2015

"Better positioning on our bikes has made a huge difference!"
David & Sandra July 2015 

"I felt like I had so much power, I did repeats on Black Mountain Road!"
Sherry R. July 2015

"My knees have no pain and my left foot feels so much better too. thank you thank you thank you!!:
Carol M. July 2015

"BTW, bike fitting is working out very well! What a difference in performance and in comfort. Less fatigue on the ol' bid! Thank you!"
Kay P.  May 2015

"Thank you so much for this bike fit document, as well as an amazing bike fit. My friend and I truly appreciated the tips you gave us for the Palm Springs Century, as well as the overall education I got when you went from "bike fitter" Darryl to cycling coach Darryl throughout the fitting. I can only imagine the cyclist I would be today if I had come to you 5 years ago, before bad habits developed and crazy bike tweaking. Although on Saturday's 40 mile ride, I was indeed cursing "damn Darryl" as many new body parts were screaming at me, today's 40 miler was the best I have ever felt. No pain. Anywhere! I concentrated on what you told me about keeping a straight back and bent elbows, and spinning as I flew up the hills. I even overheard my cycling buddies comment to one another, "Wow, I don't remember her riding that fast up hills before" after I passed them. That made me happy. :)
I gave all of them your information so hopefully they will come see you for a fitting too. 
Take care,"
Michelle F. Jan 2015

"I tried my new fit out on a climb from Poway to Ramona into the wind and up and down Mussey grade road. I rode 31.68 miles and climbed a little over 2400 feet. I set 24 PRs on Strava."
Chad S. November 2014 

"All the hills this weekend were as easy as pie." 
David K. November 2014 

"Much more powerful and my legs are pushing straight down not at an angle"
Chuck D. November 2014

"Coach Darryl MacKenzie thanks for fixing my cleats up!! I had NO knee pain after today's 200 mile ride!!!" 
Pat M. October 2014

"I love the new cleat position with very little cursing the new location. Between keeping my elbows bent and the new handlebar position, a very comfortable and enjoyable ride. Again thanks for the very comprehensive bike fit."
Leeanna K. Sept 2014

"Magic! Like a whole new bike! The best!" 
Sarah H. Aug 2014

​"I think I have everything I need now. I rode 22 miles down the strand and back up. It's like a totally different bike. I was confident and felt so in control of the bike instead of the bike controlling me.   
Darryl has made a bicyclist out of me! I didn't think it was possible. 
I'm riding with Darryl later this week.
As always, thanks for all your help."
Sevi M. August 2014

"Thank you very much for such a detailed, thorough and productive bike fit. I am very anxious to try out the adjustments on my next ride, tomorrow after work. 
I enjoyed seeing you again and greatly appreciate the time you took to work with me on increasing my efficiency and comfort on the bike. I'm also glad to know about Coach Darryl's Rule of Eights.
To the joy of cycling!"
Leeanna D. August 2014

"Thank you for the documentation of my bike fit. I took a ride last night and felt a huge difference! Much more comfortable and efficient. Also the seat was comfortable and I was getting much more power to the pedals. Eveything felt more natural.
I ordered the new handlebar from Trek and look forward to being even more comfortable on the bike with them.
The fit was well worth the time and expense and I won't hesitate to recommend you to riders I know.
Thank you very much for making riding much more enjoyable for me."
Dave G, Aug 2014

"I need to tell you it was the best ride I've ever had on that bike. You worked wonders."
Sevi M August 2014

"I don't know how to describe the difference between riding before today and riding after you fitted me. The hills that I was afraid of, I just powered up them. I felt so comfortable on the bike, it was truly amazing. I wish I didn't have to work today, I would love to go for a long ride. 
So thanks again for being a magician. Truly amazing."
Sevi M Aug 2014

"the fit has been wonderful. I have had no issues at all, and I've been upping my miles the past couple of weeks."
Dave N. July 2014

"I just wanted to send a shout out to Coach Darryl. Moving the cleat on my shoe solved my knee issue. Thanks!"
Lou W. May 2014

"I tell everyone the benefits of the bike fit"
Perry J. May 2014

"Felt so much stronger. All ​"Felt so resolved"  
Matt H. May 2014

"Thanks for the bike fit on Friday. I did a 44mile solo run yesterday taking via rancho parkway out to Del Dios then back thru rancho santa fe and del mar. I felt great power on hills, even feeling the bike surging with each pedal stroke. I have never felt that before!"
Curt D. May 2014

"I've got two 50ish mile rides in so far since the bike fit. I can already tell I feel more comfortable on the adjusted bike and more efficient. I was able to keep up with the "fast guys" for once and finish with the lead group! I can't thank you enough!"
Scott J. April 2014

"Everything worked together. The raised and newly positioned seat, the extended pedal, and the newly positioned cleats. I felt stronger throughout the ride. There was been no soreness on Sunday. I am a believer!!"
John K Mar 2014

"I have been pedaling for 30-40 years and never realized how difference a good bike fit could make!"
John K. March 2014

"I went on a 43 mile ride yesterday and did about 3k feet of climbing. I definitely felt faster climbing hills."
Kevin P. February 2014

"Thanks, a good way to start the New Year! We’ve had some great rides since our bike fits - my saddle and handlebars are much more comfortable. My husband said his bike is more comfortable. He said he is through the “damn, Darryls” with his cleats, and he is less sore after a ride." 
Karen F

"No knee pain on my first ride after my bike fit!" 
Ermias M. Dec 2013

"Amazing the difference."
Scott H Dec 2013

"Thank you for all the information my ride yesterday was great I notice a great improvement."
Javier G. Nov 2013

"Since your Bike Fit, I have had no more knee pain!"
Resa W. October 2013

"O’ God of Bicycle Knowledge
King of Tips for Riders
Master Bike Fitter
Wise Elder of Little known Bicycle Facts
Guru Extraordinaire:
Wow! A second Wow! Unbelievable! How could I have ridden this long without realizing the benefit of having you fit my bike? Everything worked great. The seat was VERY comfortable, my left leg actually felt NORMAL, and my hands, I didn’t have to push down toward the web of my hand, the bars fit more on the palms, just like you said they would. I had much more comfort in my neck, not feeling like I had to strain to hold my head up. Overall, it was a FABULOUS experience. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Of course, now I don’t have any excuses for not performing at peak levels, so I have to be careful how much more I should say. But Darryl, what a difference, in all sincerity. I really felt great at the end of the 35 miles, certainly not like I have in the past. Century here I come.
George C. Sept 2013

This last Sunday I climb twin Oaks and Double Peak hill and is a big difference after the bike fit. Thanks. 
Arturo G. Sept 2013 

"Hi Darryl... today I did a 62 mile bicycle ride ...about 3.75 hrs. I had no numbness on either balls of my feet. !! Also on my Mtn. Bike there is no numbness. These are good signs... time to start doing longer rides ! You're the best !!
Chad G Sept 2013

"I have have been out a few times since you made the adjustments and suggestions. The bike and I feel much better, Thanks."
Bruce W. June 2013

"This was my best event day / weekend ever. The bike fit was fine - the only soreness I had was the right sit bone and that was just the residual from the months riding with the right side of the seat a full 1/8 inch higher than the left. I'm confident the sit bone issue is a trouble of the past. I felt like I could easily have gone another 50 to 100 miles with the same kind of climbing. Really made a difference. 
Thank you very much for your help!"
Tom H. June 2013

"I just finished my first ride since the bike fit.  WOW!  You were so right on the money, I noticed a marked improvement in my climbing and overall comfort was amazing!  No numbness of any kind and my back and shoulders are feeling great.  Thank you so much, it makes me look forward to doing AIDS/LIFECYCLE even more now that I am not in pain and feel so much more capable on the hills!
Logan R. May 2013

"The bike felt much better. No more hand numbness and no more feet problems"
Mike M. May 2013

"Rode 30 yesterday and bike feels so much better; thank you."
Martha V. May 2013

"WOW!!  After 3 weeks off the bike and the ankle swelling issues that I showed you and shared about, I was simply amazed to have completed an 83-mile ride yesterday that included apx. 5000 feet of climbing…with NO pain!!  I was exhausted and had normal muscle soreness, but no injuries or pain.  Here's a recap:
"Shoes and Cleats
I felt like I had more power from my leg-foot positioning being in a more straight up-and-down position.  A few times I checked in with the pressure points of my foot and it continued to feel balanced like it did after the fitting (not towards the outside nor inside).  If anything, it felt like more pressure was on the ball section behind all my toes, right where it should be - felt like I gave this new part of my foot a good workout.  Never felt any twisting feeling and never any hint of pain in my ankles or knees.  "Back, Shoulders and Arms
I practiced flattening my back all throughout the ride and relaxing my shoulders.  It was quite an eye opener to pay attention to this and see how I drifted back to these poor positions.  When I caught myself, I would simply notice and adjust and really could tell that the posture was better for my efficiency (and back and arms).  I did the same with unlocking my arms and never once experienced numbness in my hands/fingers and my elbows never hurt either.  I also practiced taking deep breaths with a flat back, especially on the long uphills - this helped me make it up the Purple Monster near the end of the ride.
"Darryl, coming to see you for your fitting session was the best thing I have done since I started riding my bike!  Your coaching was valuable, your detailed explanations were clear and understandable and memorable.  Your adjustments proved to be superb right out of the gate!  I have forwarded your Email ti friends and will share my great news with the team!
Thank you, thank you, and again, thank you!!"
Kevin W. May 2013

"Your adjustments and alignment of my bike has helped me tremendously! "
Andy S. April 2013

"Just a note to let you know that my knees are happy, happy, happy since the most recent tweaks to my bike and shoes! I’m delighted because I did a tough ride (100 miles, 8K’ of climb) on Saturday with no knee issues."
Ellen W. April 2013

"Everyone wanted to know what my new secret was when climbing Scripps Poway Parkway! I told them 2 reasons: I wanted to catch my husband and Coach Darryl’s bike fit!”
Gigi H. March 2013

"Just finished a 43 mile ride and the adjustment made a big difference. Thank you."
David R. February 2013

"My wife was 1-2 miles per hour faster after her Coach Darryl bike fit"
Rick K. January 2013

"I went on a 56 mile ride from my house to Corinado and back.Worked on my posture and my whole body felt much, much better! I don't think I could have done it without you."
Thanks so much,
Denise P. January 2013

"I enjoyed my time at the fitting too.  It was very educational and I felt that I learnt a lot too.  On the weekend after the fitting, I went on two 30+ mile ride to get used to the fit.  This past weekend, I did the San Juan Capistrano to Solano Beach ride.  I definitely feel the difference after the fitting.  While I'm still getting used to the new position, it already feels more comfortable than my previous position.  I still lock my arms occasionally but I just have to remind myself not to do so.  My pedaling feels more comfortable but I still have to get used to clipping in at the new position.
Thanks to your fitting, I feel that I'm going to be able to enjoy my new bike a lot more.  I will be riding a lot longer and harder now!
Sychuang N. November 2012

"As always, I feel well cared for when you do a fitting or provide cycling advice.  I am grateful for your skill set."
John J. October 2012

"Thank you for the knowledge, expertise and care that you put into your pro fitting sessions. I truly appreciate your skill and look forward to many comfortable hours in the saddle. Thank you again and I hope to see you next week in class. "
Agustin A. October 2012

"I was bragging to [my friend] how much my cycling performance improved after a fitting by you"
Clayton C. October 2012

"I've enjoyed riding a lot more since my bike fit in July. I can't believe I rode 85 miles with the Trek group on Saturday."
Monette K October 2012

"Just got home from the Bike MS Coastal Challenge up in Ventura.  Great event... good challenge.  I made it up a heck of a lot of hills!  I have no doubt that the bike fit has helped me tremendously... I averaged a pace of 13.7 mph on the century, and 14.1 on the 60 mile day.  I used to be closer to 12-13."
-   Jordan L. October 2012

"I wanted to let you know that since my bike fit I have been riding great! Since I've had my new bike (last Christmas), I have really been struggling on the bike and not enjoying riding. since the fit, I feel stronger and am really enjoying being on the bike again.
I am definitely building strength and am really challenging myself. I find that I am going out more frequently and look forward to the next time that I am able to get out and ride again. Best of all, I am now confident to go out alone and ride for miles! My average speed has definitely increased as well.
I just wanted to share with you. Thanks again."
Gigi H, September 2012

“Awesome! My new bike position comfort and efficiency is awesome! How could it possibly be any better?!”
Roger H. September 2012

"Thanks for all of the info.  I did my usual 22 miles yesterday and the changes were very positive, especially the movement of my cleats on the shoes.  I found I was going faster on the level road with the same amount of effort.  I also found that hill climbing was better.
Thanks again for all your help."
Richard H, September 2012

"You helped me with my bike fitting a few months ago...JUst want to share some information..
I have increased my bike riding from La Mesa to UCSD about 3 times per week. It is 23 miles and the pedal extenders still working very good. My goal will be to ride everyday to work and hope that my body will be ok with it... No knee pain at all.
Thank you once again to fit my madone to my needs."
Aristides M, September 2012

"Thanks so much Darryl, the bike feels great "
Kim D. September 2012

My Husband "...and I were so pleased at how much easier our ride with the Trek Century Training Group was today.  Our endurance and performance are certainly improved.  We both practiced bent elbow and flat back particularly on the hills.  It sure helped in getting more air into our lungs.  Thanks so much for your help this week."
M. & D. K.  September 2012

"I highly recommend Darryl's bike fit. He is quite thorough, knowledgable, and precise. Also, he is a super nice guy which helps too. He made some minor tweaks to my cleats and position on the bike and it has improved my power but more importantly to me, my comfort."
Steve G. August 2012

"I too highly (!) recommend the fitting. Darryl noted and fixed several position issues that lead to bad riding habits on my part!"
Dave C. August 2012

"The new bike position and bars worked GREA! Thanks."
Susan B. August 2012

"I went for my first bike ride after my bike fit .. I rode for 10 miles and the 
fitting was wonderful.
The pedal extension made life much easier. The handle bar and the seat is very comfortable.  I was going up to Gilman Dr. and my left knee did not hurt at all. Also, my left ankle did very well.
Thank you very much for all your assitance, as my body changes I look forward to make future adjustments."
Aristides M July 2012

"I have ridden a few times AND have NOTICED  huge difference especially when I stand and put the hammer down to climb !!! It seems like the pedaling is so effective and efficient that I don't have enough power to keep going, looks as if my level will be pushed up by this new set up. I wish I would of done this a LONG time ago....Very Very Very much excited and appreciated Sir."
George B. July 2012

"No pain in back during 250 miles of the Aids/LifeCycle ride. Rode another bike and the pain immediately returned. Loved the narrower handlebars too."
Jennifer C .July 2012

"I’ve gone on two rides, one at 38 miles and the second at 50 miles, since you fit me last Wednesday.  I must tell you, knees are not hurting.  I feel like more energy is going from legs into moving forward.  Going uphill is fun again.  Thanks for all you did."
Bill B. June 2012

"You only THINK you've had a bike fit -- but was it a store fit or a Personalized Professional Bike Fitting?  Did it take three hours?  Did they go from the cleats of the shoes to the handlebars?  Did you get a detailed computer file with all the before-fit and after-fit measurements so that if the bike is worked on it can be put back into your best fit position?  Did your fit involve LASER BEAMS and WHITE OWLS?
No, this is not a Harry Potter project, it is a Coach Darryl bike fit!  The PDF file has the details, his rates are great and the end result is fantastic.  Not only does he do the fit step-by-detailed-step, he also explains the reasons behind the adjustments so you better understand why the positioning changes are more efficient and effective.  Plus if you have an evening fit in his Mission Trails location, you may just see those white owls!  What other bike fit can offer that? "
Laura B. June 2012

"Had a wonderful day event: no neck, shoulders, hands discomfort !!!  Besides, I showed a few people that 83 was not an impediment for climbing Emerald Bay and Spooner; I'm entitled to a little bragging. Un millon de gracias."
Alvaro E. June 2012

"The bike fit and your suggestions worked out very well.  I did the Great Western 70 mile ride last Saturday; this was a truly enjoyable ride which I attribute a great deal to the custom fit you did.  I will pass this info to other riders and will be in touch when I get the new pedals.  Thanks again!!"
David C. May 2012
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 Questions to Ask a 
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Is the person performing the bike fit an expert on the hardware of the bike or the cyclist’s efficiency and body positioning?
Coach Darryl thinks 'cyclist' not 'bike.' He works with all types of bikes and bicycle hardware, his expertise is on the cyclist’s comfort and performance not the bike's hardware.

How long does the bike fit take? 
To properly address all areas for the bike fit, several hours are required. A 45-60 minute bike fit is not concentrating on everything that needs to be done. Or possibly it is only concentrating on the adjustments for which the bike fitter is familiar.

Is the bike fit not being done on your own bike?  Can that tool replicate adjusting my pedals in or out to accommodate my hip width and pedaling style?
Often a bike fitting machine suggests a position that is impossible to replicate on the cyclist's bike saddle, handlebars, cleats, etc.. Or, the machine cannot replicate your position on your bike, for example, the distance between the center of the bike's seat tube and the foot position on the pedals is not adjustable on most bike fit machines. 
Often, the user of a bike fit machine will simply ask what feels comfortable to the cyclist, which often is not the most efficient or comfortable position, just what feels 'normal.' A millimeter or two difference in cleat position is very noticeable by most cyclists, only the cyclist's bike can replicate that.

Are there ‘generalized formula’ involved? Or a measurement from the crotch to the floor?
One formula does not fit all. These formulas are usually developed for the fit, lean 20 something cyclists who are racers and not casual riding or longer slower endurance riders. Two riders may have the same height and leg length, but a formula that was developed for a 120 pound 20 year old lean racer will not be appropriate for an older endurance rider who is dozens of pounds heavier. A heavier rider usually has a much greater distance between the sit bones and the rider's skin, so the saddle must be lower for riders with more body weight despite equal body height and leg length.

If buying a new bike, does the fitter want to do the bike fit immediately after a bike is purchased?
A quick adjustment is appropriate for a bike 'right out of the box' to get it approximately appropriate for the cyclist's body shape, But after riding a new bike for 3-5 rides, the cyclist will most likely notice positioning discomfort, often with the hands, shoulders and knees. These problems can not be identified and fixed before riding the bike several times since the cyclist does not know they exist yet.

Does the fitter emphasize that he will re-do your bike fit again in the future? 
If it is the same fitter, what new skills would he use to improve the bike fit the next time? Coach Darryl usually has less than 1 person in 50 who returns for a adjustment in the weeks after a bike fit. It is done right the first trip.

Does the fitter measure the saddle height starting from the bottom bracket up?
If so, he is thinking about the hardware of the bike not cyclist's body. 
The cyclist’s body does not come in contact with the bike at the bottom bracket. The saddle height should be measured from the location where the foot touches the pedal to where the butt touches the top of the saddle. 
The cyclist’s bike measurements should relate to the three contact points on the bicycle which are the saddle, the pedals and the handlebars. The fitter should think cyclist’s body contact points not the hardware of the bike.

How long has the fitter been doing bike fits and how many cyclists has he fit?
A fitter learns from every cyclist successfully fitted. Coach Darryl has been doing bike fits since the 1990’s and has fit over 860 cyclist clients. He has done dozens just like you.

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Bicycling Magazine's "Bike Fit 
Myths Busted"

Myth #1: Fit system certification is a good measure of experience.

Reality: To learn about a fitter’s experience, ask about his or her experience.
The fit system itself—be it BGFit, SICI, Guru, or any other methodology out there—is just a tool. What matters most is the experience of the person doing the fit.
​If you consider four certified fitters, one may be a master fitter with 10 years of experience and another may be a freshly minted graduate of the first-level certification course. The reality is that fitters only gain experience by doing fits. You should know what you’re getting.

Myth #2: I can change equipment without having to change my fit.
Reality: Pay close attention to part swaps—some matter far more than others.
Be aware how each swap affects your fit. We’ve found up to 1.5-centimeters difference in saddle heights between some models, measured from the top of the padding to the rails, where all saddles fit onto the bike.

Myth #3: A bike fit will not fix those nagging aches and pains.
Reality: Any time you’re experiencing pain on the bike, you should examine your fit. 

Myth # 4: If I get a bike fit once, that fit is my proper fit for life.

Reality: Fit changes over time as our bodies, equipment, and riding styles change.  The bike fit should be re done every 2-3 years. (Coach Darryl add: Or if your body weight changes by 10 or more pounds.) 

To read this entire Bicycling Magazine article, go to https://www.bicycling.com/skills-tips/a20018105/10-bike-fit-myths-busted/
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