"Darryl improved my bike fit and helped eliminate the numbness in my hands and feet and soreness in my shoulders from long rides. I highly recommend him if you need to improve Your fit" Michael D.
Is your bike adjusted to fit you or are you adapting to it?

Cycling Comfort and Performance Problems
Do you have:
  Hand numbness?
  Shoulder or upper neck stiffness?
  Back pain or knee pain?
  One leg or arm longer than the other?
  Foot hot spots or foot pain?
  Saddle issues?
  Feet that push onto the pedals more on the outside or inside of your foot?
  A pedaling style that puts your knees far from (or in towards) the bike?
  Too much weight on your hands?
  Cleats not properly positioned for feet less than size 8 or larger than 10?
  Problems easily reaching the brakes when in the drops?
  Breathing that is too hard and too fast on hills?

Your Bike Fit Solution
A Personalized Professional Bike Fitting may be ideal to increase comfort and efficiency while reducing the possibility for a repetitive motion problem.
The process begins with information on YOU, your cycling preferences (comfort, endurance, touring, performance, racing) and a complete history of your pain, discomfort, and history of problem. Then 19 critical lower body and 14 upper body measurements and adjustments are examined to optimize your bicycle’s positioning for you and your cycling needs.  The process takes around 3.5 hours and costs $149.
Morning afternoon and evening appointments are available. Discounts are available for groups of 2 or more.